The Nicoya Peninsula, as well as all of Costa Rica, is no longer a secret to the the rest of the world as being one of the most beautiful locations on the planet earth. I thank God everyday that we found our little piece of paradise and can enjoy it for a time.
Celebrities, money, traffic and plenty of choices have moved into a once simple and pure life environment. Maintaining a balance between the new and the old requires a great respect and an understanding of who we are what our responsibilities are as human beings. Be safe, take care of yourself, your neighbor and this place we share.
For the tourist looking for something to do there are many fun activities and multitudes of resturaunts as well as many various lodging spots. There is something here for everyone! People come from all over the world to visit this place and are able to find what they are looking for within all different price ranges and budgets.
Listed below are some of the picks: (You must use 011-506 when calling from the U.S.)
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Cabin Rentals 
Santa Theresa-                                                                                 MalPais-
Villas Hermosas-#011-506-8-640-0630                                               Star Mountain Eco Resort-#011-506-8-640-0101
Milarepa Resort-#011-506-8-640-0023                                               Maluca del Mar-#011-506-8-640-0195
Casa Zen-#011-506-8-640-0523                                                        Mar Azul-#011-506-8-640-0075
Casa Marbella-#011-506-8-640-0749                                                 Surf Camp-#011-506-8-640-0061
Chupa Chupa-#011-506-8-640-0495                                                  The Place-#011-506-8-640-0001
Montezuma                                                                                     Cabuya-
Los Mangos-#011-506-8-642-0076                                                     El Ancla de Oro-#011-506-8-642-0369
Luz de mono-#011-506-8-642-0090                                                   Hotel Cabo Blanco-#011-506-8-642-0332
Luna Llena-#011-506-8-642-0395                                                      Los Caracoles-#011-506-8-642-0353
Amor de Mar-#011-506-8-642-0262                                                  Cabo Blanco/camping
Pizza Playa Carmen-#011-506-8-640-0110
Mar Azul-#011-506-8-640-0075
Cafe Organico-#011-506-8-359-4197
Playa de los Artistas-#011-506-8-642-0920

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